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From corporate meetings to bridal showers, birthdays and more, your event deserves exceptional attention! If you need help planning your event, we can recommend catering services. We're here to help ensure your event is a success. People Meet is the perfect setting for any occasion! You can host the following events at People Meet:

* Baby shower  
* Bridal Shower
* Community Events
* Birthday Events
* Marketing Seminars
* Retirement Affairs
* Networking Events
* Book Club 
* Fundraising .Etc.

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Rental hall duration:1-6 hours; anything exceeding 6 hours will incur an additional fee

                                     TIME: Open 8 AM to Close 12:AM 
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This place is perfect for business and casual meetings
Booking Schedule 

08:AM to 11:AM  or 07:AM to 12:PM
12:PM to 04:PM  or 12:PM to 06:PM
06:PM to 12:AM  or 08:PM to 12:AM

We have a 1 to 2 hour Special: 
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          Three month special!
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